On January 15, 2010 The Miami Herald had an interesting article published regarding this very topic.


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Why Hire a Public Adjuster
Frequently Asked Questions

It is up to you to prove your loss, not the Insurance Company.

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What is Public Adjuster?
How much do Public Ajduster charge? ...

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Having been through the entire process, there is absolutely no doubt that hiring Best Public Adjuster was the best move we made. Throughout the entire adjusting process I was continually impressed by the professionalism evidenced by you!" - Nichole



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Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

It is up to you to prove your loss, not the Insurance Company.

The typical insurance policy contains numerous provisions and stipulations. It also contains various forms and endorsements that are constantly changing and most insured have difficulty understanding them. There are certain policy conditions that must be satisfied, failure to do so could reduce your settlement amount of even cause your claim to be denied.

A Public Adjuster has the experience, knowledge and expertise to obtain your maximum entitlements under your policy.

Just because the Insurance Company's adjuster makes a statement does not mean that it is fact or true. It is not uncommon for the Insurance Company to misinterpret their own insurance policy or forget to apply case law or Florida Statutes that supersedes their policy. Frankly, letting the Insurance Company's adjuster determine what you are entitled to is comparable to getting a divorce and letting your spouse's Attorney dictate your entitlements.


From the Miami Herald on January 15, 2010:

The Miami Herald quoted an audit that was conducted recently by the Florida Legislature has found that it is clearly within the policy holder's interest to hire a Public Adjuster to represent them during the claim process.

The numbers quoted by the article were quite shocking and beyond even my own expectations. To put it plain and simple, the article stressed that in comparing claims filed with Citizens Insurance, those using a Public Adjuster received 574% more than those not using a Public Adjuster and, furthermore, those numbers increased to 747% more on catastrophe claims such as those filed in 2005 for Hurricane damage.

To read the actual report, click here:http://www.oppaga.state.fl.us/Summary.aspx?reportNum=10-06




Frequently Asked Questions

A Public Adjuster who belongs to the State Association of Public Insurance Adjusters adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and is able to take advantage of the best quality continuing education in the country. Additionally, FAPIA members have a network of resources to best assist you in handling your insurance claim.

There are three types of adjusters licensed by the State of Florida:

  • Company Adjuster - is employed by the Insurance Company to represent the company in dealing with your loss and damages. The Company Adjuster main responsibility is to protect the interests of the Insurance Company.
  • Independent Adjuster - is hired by the Insurance Company to represent the company in dealing with your loss and damages. The Independent Adjusters main responsibilty is to protect the interests of the Insurance Company.
  • Public Adjuster - is the only Adjuster specifically licensed by the State of Florida to represent you, the Insured. The Public Adjusters main responsibility is....

Can I prepare my own claim?
Yes you can. Be prepared to document all aspects of your loss, and follow through with the agent and the company. However, if your loss is significant (more than $10,000) you should consider hiring your own expert Public Adjuster to receive your full entitlements. Remember, the insurance company has  their own expert representing them.

Why should I hire FAPIA Public Insurance Adjuster to get what is rightfully mine?

Many people have difficulty understanding the technical language of an insurance policy and the complicated procedures they must follow to comply with the policy's terms. This problem is magnified when you have suffered a loss and are emotional about the situation. That is perferc time to have an experienced professional on your side whose sole responsibility in the matter is to serve you, the Insured. The insurance company certainly has an experienced professional working for them.

How Much Do Public Adjuster Charge for Their Services?

Public Adjuster charge a percentage of the settlement for their servie to you. The Public Adjuster is not paid until you are paid. There are not upfront fees for their services. Percentage vary from adjuster to adjuster, so it is best to shop for the best adjuster for you.

Are Public Adjusters Train Specialists?
Your FAPIA Public Adjuster is tested, licensed, bonded and authorized to practice the profession. By attending bi-annual conferences, FAPIA members continue their professional education to keep up with the ever-changing Insurance Industry. They subscribed to constant emails bringing them up-to-date on a monthly and weekly basis. Their network of contacts means the best support staff and contacts will be working for you.

Are Public Adjusters Affiliated with Insurance Companies?

No they are not. Their services are available only to the Insured public, not the insurance company.

What should I consider when hiring a Public Adjuster?

Here's a short list of things to consider:
License - make sure their license is up-to-date with the State of Florida and make sure they are really a licensed Public Adjuster. Some poeple are misrepresented themselves as Public  Adjusters.

  • Experience - Public Adjusters come from a wide range of backgrounds - see if who you are considering has the right mix for you.
  • Professionalism - Do not sign blank contracts. A professional Public Adjuster will explain the fee structure up-front so you understand why and what you're paying for.
  • Confort Level - The intangible may be quite important if your claim is complex or extensive. This person will be helping you through a very traumatic time and resolving the claim could take some time... find someone who fits your needs.